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EAOY 2016

"The Global Foodservice Institute was established with a homne base at the State University of New York (SUNY) Morrisville campus, also referred to as Morrisville State College.  Once we had approval of the President of the College we proceeded to have professors from the college write most of the certification exams, using outside professors for several of them, with Pearson Education's test banks as a resource. 

After getting the certifications re-approved within the New York office of Veteran's Affairs (previously approved by the Texas office), we submitted college curriculum which included the certification examinations to the SUNY Academic Council in Albany.  1 SH credit was approved for each of the certification classes taught in our Symposium, except HACCP which received 2 credits.  It is anticipated that these credits would be applied as either electives or, for example, replacing the need for a science credit with the food safety class. 

The only problem was that, unless the student has a home or record of New York State, the tuition is too high for the military TA program.

Having been a professor at this college for over 20 years, closely involved in curriculum development, I can attest to the strenuous process involved in getting credits approved.  The fact that two other college Presidents reviewed the certifications and approved them for being offered on their campuses attests to the validity of the process.

When an employer sees the Global Foodservice Institute at the State University of New York, they know the program is credible.  Therefore, the college stands FULLY behind the GFI certifications and the associated training programs which help students prepare."