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EAOY 2016

What I'm very clear on is how to NOT get a job, which is going from work to home, meeting no one, and adding nothing noteworthy to your resume, so yours looks like everyone else's. 

Less clear is how TO get a job.  But, I've been advising and assisting people for about 30 years to get jobs, as President of IFSEA and as an instructor of thousands of people.  Virtually every day I'm helping someone figure out their future and maximize their resume potential. 

What I know for sure is that at the major companies a computer will screen your resume, looking for key words and phrases, including degrees, certifications, job titles, budget numbers.  Step 2 is an HR person screens the much smaller stack looking for the same things as specifically related to the job at hand.  Then the REAL small pile is handed to someone in F&B for their review and possible interview.  If you don't get past the computer and human computer, you'll end up in a file - the circular one.

So, the "haters" will say, "you can't get a job with those certifications."  Sometimes true, but many times not.  Neither I nor they can show you a list of who did NOT get a job using the certifications, but I can show you those who did get a job, promotion, pay raise or bank loan and sent me a note saying how important the certifications were.  Doesn't matter if they were IFSEA or GFI, nobody knows either organization and both have established what they believe to be a good solid base.

Look at the tab "Testimonials of Success" for more, but here's a few:
I am the Executive Chef/Cafe Supervisor here at Kaiser Hospital in Hawaii.  I really believe because of my certifications and other qualifications I obtained I was able to get this job.  They were impressed with my resume and my certifications.  CS1 Villanueva also retired and landed a job at Zippy's as a Corporate Chef.  So you can share your stories with the success of former clients who retired and landed Manager/Executive positions.

"I retired and work for the Flour Bluff High School in the Nutrition Department.  I lost my certificates but when you get me copies, they are supposed to give me a pay raise."  CS1 Timothy Teel (Navy ret.)

"The certifications were hugely helpful in getting a bank loan to expand my catering business, which is now my full-time business."  CSCS Ken Hughley (Navy ret.)

"I landed a great Kitchen Manager job with a BBQ restaurant in Rochester.  They told me later they would have hired me on the spot because of my resume and certifications.  He told me that he had no idea what the MCFE and CPFM were, but was impressed that I was both of them."  CSC Mark Adams (Navy ret.)

"I just went for a bank loan to buy a restaurant where I worked as a teenager.  The bank wanted proof that I knew what I was doing.  I showed him proof of my MCFE, CHM, CPFM.  That took care of everything - no letters of reference, no business plans or anything.  thanks to Ed and IFSEA my process and all my paperwork was cut by about 90%."  CS2 Pete Urton (Navy vet)

"I got a job as Asst. Director of a large school district, responsible for 15 schools and feeding over 9,000 students.  The CHM designation (in particular) and MCFE and CPFM played a significant role in my hiring."  Duncan Sproule, Executive Chef.

"Thanks to you pushing me 4 years ago to get my HACCP, CPFM and CFE done, and with my B.S., I was able to get $16,000 more than a Chief got who only had CFE.  I've been with Aramark now for 2 years, since I retired, and I have just been promoted to GM, at $70,000.  Without you, I would not have gotten the job."  Robert Irish, CS1 (Navy ret.)