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EAOY 2016

One never knows what will stick out on a resume to grab the attention of a prospective employer.  What works for one person or one job, doesn't work for another.  Thus YOU have to decide for YOU, sifting through what various people, including us, tell you.  We believe there is no one in our industry who speaks with more experience than our staff and partners. 

Recently a friend was hired right out of the Navy as the Executive Sous Chef at a prestige 4-star hotel in DC, and what stood out was all the culinary competitions he won, which, the GM told us, showed he was used to working under time and work pressure.  So you never know.

"Your Career Options" presents our thoughts for your consideration. Weigh them alongside what your corporate HQ might put out, and YOU decide what seems best for YOU.  They tend to paint everyone with the same brush, we think you present a unique set of background, education, desires so treat you as an individual, and don't ever make statements that "no one should," or "everyone should" - you might be a cook in the military and hate to cook.  You might be an E-5 with a degree from Johnson and Wales or the CIA, yet your service might not let you go for CEC based on your rank, so now you get out and missed that opportunity. 

So listen to them, listen to us, and YOU decide, just for sure do SOMETHING.