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EAOY 2016

By the Numbers - we recently achiefed our 11,000th certification that we have helped our 4000 students attain.

Military Hospitality Alliance
- President Ed Manley, co-created two programs 10 years ago.  The Military Culinary Competition just held its 9th competition (not held one year), and the Enlisted Aide of the Year Award was given out for the 10th time.  Both events are being upgraded and programmed for a long life.

Homeless Vets
- we await IRS approval for the Veteran's Support Network as a 501(c)(3) charity.  IRS is taking over 9 months to process such applications, so we wait.  Once approved, we have grant writers ready to raise funds for homeless and other vets, to get them credentials that will help to keep them from being either unemployed or underemployed.

Certification Symposiums
- there are now 3 of us teaching the classes.  Since kicking off the Global Foodservice Institute certifications, we've had about a dozen classes and over 150 students.  Ed is personally booked for every available week (no holidays) through the end of April.  Colin Sendall and Claudio Tamayo are hitting the streets to help out.  The classes are always SO well received by the students, and always lead to more classes.

Funding - we're working on other funding sources for the various military services, which have such funds and we just need to get into those systems.  Our goal is to provide the certifications for ALL who care to earn them.  We already have VA approvals, working on more.

Professional Certifications are from The Global Foodservice Institute at the State University of New York at Morrisville, NY, which was approved by the VA as a certification granting organization and its certifications.