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EAOY 2016

I am limited by You Tube to 15 minutes per video, thus 4 lectures that otherwise could be one.  Probably 15 minutes is what your brain cares to absorb at one sitting anyway.

CCP 1 Lecture 1
This lecture covers the purpose of this course and Terminology (14 minutes)

CCP 1 Lecture 2
This lecture covers terminology and equipment (10 minutes)

CCP 1 Lecture 3
This lecture covers knives, vegetables, beef, stew and pork (13 minutes)

CCP 1 Lecture 4
This lecture covers breading and poultry (15 minutes)

CCP 1 Lecture 5
This lecture covers Buffets, food safety and kitchen math (15 minutes)

Having finished these slides, your next steps are to:
* Go to the testing portal by
clicking here.  There you will arrange for payment.  
* Contact Ed Manley to get your voucher to take the ServSafe Alcohol training program and test. 
* But, before taking the ServSafe Alcohol test we suggest you first return to the testing portal and take the CAS examination
* Once you pass the CAS test, then return to the ServSafe Alcohol site and take the ServSafe Alcohol test.

For information about the NECB college courses on this and other food service topics, please click here!