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EAOY 2016

Certification in Food Safety Management - a comprehensive course in food safety management, designed to lead to certification as a food safety manager by a nationally accredited program approved by the Conference for Food Protection, Certified Professional Food Manager from Prometric is OUR choice, but if YOUR choice is ServSafe or National Registry we can do those as well. 

The bugs are the bugs, the temperatures are the temperatures, and other than better or worse marketing efforts, the Conference for Food Protection (which sets the standards) says they are equal.  Only the PICs in each location are required to do one of these.  For the rest of the people, you might find it less expensive and more questions relevant to your workers, your company might prefer our Simply Safe Foodservice Certified as their standard for some or all employees, and we can do that as well.  Usually 1 person in the building needs a CFP approved program, for everyone else, we like SSFC better, more practical, less tricky, information you NEED to know.

Course Goal
- Designed to lead to national certification as a food safety knowledgeable manager or employee by a nationally recognized entity. Students will leave with a greater appreciation of their role in preventing foodborne illness and precisely how to accomplish that.

Educational Objectives - Upon successful completion of the comprehensive certification examination, as determined by the certifying agency, will meet the criteria (a score of 70% or higher) for certification and receive a passing grade in this course.

The SSFC tests' 80 questions demonstrate your knowledge in the following areas:
                * Allergies (3)
                * Bacteria (5)
                * General Food Safety Knowledge (24)
                * HACCP (2)
                * Handwashing (9)
                * Person In Charge (PIC) (1)
                * Receiving and Storage (11)
                * Sanitation/Cleaning (10)
                * Temperatures (12)
                * Thawing and Cooling (3)

Behavioral Objectives:
Discuss how pathogens are transmitted through food and what can be done by employees to limit that transmission
* Know when and how hands should be washed to limit the spread of pathogens
* Demonstrate proper techniques for cleaning tables, floors, pots and pans, etc.
* Understand the need to wash vegetables thoroughly
* Discuss the temperatures required for refrigeration, holding, serving and cooking
* Understand the time and temperature relationship in keeping food safe
* Relate clean uniforms and good personal hygiene to serving food safely
* Decide which illnesses should be reported to management and which should cause them to stay home