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EAOY 2016

Certification in Customer Service- a comprehensive course in customer service for commercial and non-commercial use, in food service and any workplace. Students will learn that everyone is a customer and everyone is in sales, expanding the reach of service to all aspects of our life. They will learn how to provide a most positive and memorable experience through anticipating needs, providing a service environment, proper follow-up, attitudes that stay positive all day every day. Reminding us what we knew, what we've heard, what we don't do, and what we do do - so we can be sure to replicate that good behavior and make that the ONLY way we operate.

Course Goal
- Designed to provide the student with the ability to increase sales, headcounts, compliments, profits, and decrease complaints, lost customers, lost items and provide an environment where all employees respect each other and treat THEM as customers. Leading to national certification as a customer service specialist by a nationally recognized industry association.

Educational Objectives - Upon successful completion of the comprehensive certification examination, as determined by the certifying agency, will meet the criteria (a score of 70% or higher) for certification and receive a passing grade in this course.

Behavioral Objectives:  
Understand the needs of their guests and the art of serving. Foresee the needs of guests before they state the need. Use the right words to increase customer purchases and satisfaction. Think service at all times, in all situations, for everyone they interact with. Understand the difference between internal and external customers. Maximize customer satisfaction without increasing the budget. Teach their staff the basics of creating a customer service attitude. Take these same techniques to other occupations, such as supply, purchasing, health care, any job.

Understand that customer service includes dressing for success, giving that great first impression. Use proper dining etiquette so that business relationships are enhanced. Interview properly, exude that service attitude at all times. Treat all people equally, regardless of cultural background, religion, etc.
Understand introduction etiquette, seating protocol, how to host events.
Have an appreciation for the aspects of proper and accepted office etiquette regarding telephone, email, setting and keeping appointments, office relationships, and more - part of serving the internal customers. Recognize appropriate methods of written business communications. Think outside the box to minimize customer delays, frustrations, duplication of effort and more.