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EAOY 2016

Course Objective.  To demonstrate retention of knowledge gained from completion of the prerequisite certification classes.  A refresher class will be held to review the highlights of each of the certifications. 

Prerequisites are successful completion of Food Safety Manager, HACCP Manager, Food Service Management, Nutrition, Wine & Beverage Management, Serving Alcohol Responsibly, Customer Service, Culinary Level I, II or III classes and certifications.  

I.  Course Goal. To review all aspects of the food service industry and ensure that only those who retained the significant information can earn the highest level certification offered by the Global Foodservice Institute at SUNY Morrisville.     

II.  Educational Objectives
1.  Any student upon successful completion of the comprehensive certification examination will meet the criteria for the Certification program and  receive a passing grade in this course.  

III.  Behavioral Objectives – the student should be able to:
1.  Manage a food service operation including front and back of the house.
2.  Establish a customer service level that enhances profitability.
3.  Provide knowledge to their operation regarding wine and food pairings.
4.  Uphold the food safety standards required by corporate and local regulations.
5.  Take food safety to new levels by putting in a HACCP program.
6.  Assist customers to maintain their dietary requirements when dining at their facility.
7.  Ensure that the operation is fully aware of the methods to use in order to comply with regulations and standards regarding alcohol service. Manage the culinary operations with knowledge of preparation, purchasing and service of a wide array of foods