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EAOY 2016

For those smart enough to pass the test.
One Requirement
pass the test.  

Why be an CFP?
* Show the world you have superior knowledge
* No paperwork, application, work other than pass the test.
* 5 Year re-certification required Who should be an CFP?
* Current CFM’s, CFS's, people newer to the industry; this mid-level certification is excellent while you study more to get the MCFP!
*Anyone seeking a promotion or a new job - build the resume.
*Chef's working toward CEC.

The CFP test demonstrates your knowledge in the following areas (These 80 questions are part of the 150 question MCFP examination):
                * Beverage Management (9)
                * Financial Management (16)
                * Food Safety (10)
                * General Knowledge (2)
                * Human Resources - Personnel Management (7)
                * Marketing (10)
                * Measurements (2)
                * Organizational Structure (2)
                * Purchasing and Inventory Control (10)
                * Service (12)