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EAOY 2016

We've selected some great material to prepare students now and to keep for their future hands-on use.  No one can foresee the need for much of this information, or remember it when they need it, so a great book is an invaluable resource to have.

Thus we have the EHMA series of books, some of which we wrote or had written, others of which we found in the Pearson library.  Pearson, the 2nd largest publisher in the world, and Pearson Learning Solutions, the largest provider of workforce development products.  All Pearson books are on the GSA schedule, so you can buy some for the staff, member of the quarter, etc.

*The Restaurant Manager's Handbook by Ed Manley
* Food Safety 101: Keep it Simply Safe (KISS) by Ann Anders, RS
* HACCP Implementation Manual by Ann Anders, RS
* Food & Nutrition For You by Suzanne Wessel & Faithe Wempen
* Customer Service Mentality: Doing Simple Things Right
* Wine & Beverage Management
* On Cooking Lite by Susan Labensky and Alan Hause